AfroBeat @ The Front Room 29th July 7pm

by | Jul 28, 2023 | News

Catch22jams bringing jazz to the wider Bucks community.

The key word for this newsletter is ‘new’. Why? Well, for this newsletter all info will in some way be exactly that.

June’s theme was British Jazz. We loved this session showcasing tracks from some great British jazz musicians.

What made this a great night was the amount of local ‘new’ talent who blessed this theme. In fact, there were so many I decided that we should have a new segment in the newsletter dedicated to new musicians who bless our events-so here we go.

New C22 performers

Louise who has been supporting us by turning up to our monthly c22 monthly nights and to WJF 2022 and 2023. Finally, she plucked up the courage (I think I am right) to go from audience member to performer. Unbeknown to us Louise is in fact a classically trained flutist so when she performed it was truly awesome.

Jason Reeve-He’s a professional drummer. He literally googled events on in Wycombe-C22 came up. He said he wanted to play. We vetted him (what was the point in his case). He came down and smashed it with thunderous riffs. He wants to return!

TJ Clayson-Have to say love this keyboard player’s name. I sense he should have a large holding in Texas, able to hold a huge bull with one bare hand (while branding them), spitting some acrid chewing tobacco at ‘puny’ men and exuding a pungent (but appealing) aroma of masculinity. Incidentally, he is also talented on the keys.

Alex-He was brought in by Tomi (drummer) who performs for us regularly. Alex (a guitarist) was on point. Just watch the video added in the newsletter for someone who truly loves music. He was in the zone!

Other names on the day who keep oncoming; Harry Bennet once again on sax, Tomi on drums and vocalist Elin (her second time on C22).

This July our theme is Afrobeat. It conjures images of Fela Kuti in his all-inspiring pomp. In fact, Fela was the originator of this new genre of music. In turn the genre remains one of the most popular exports from Africa. For Fela Kuti (as with all great icons) he has become immortal.

So, acts for our Afrobeat jazz extravaganza ……well we are still looking. MLN Ensemble (house band) will be there but just how many of you are ready to perform with them. If you feel like performing, do what the other names have done before. Get in contact with us and let ‘s get you on the C22 All Stars list!

As you may know in some of our events, we like to use local businesses to supply some cuisine. This month our delicacies are served by a Nigerian Wycombe based shop called LA-Koco Coffee. On the menu jollof rice and some potent Nigerian beer. Check the segue-don’t forget that Catch22jams has its own brand of beer called Jazz Hop equally potent and that will also be on sale.

Remember it’s £7 online and £10 on the door so go get them damn Afrobeat tickets.

If you are part of these services NHS, Fire, Ambulance its FREE but you MUST bring your ID as proof otherwise admission will likely be declined.

Another bit of ‘newness’ to Catch22jams is our endeavour to branch out. This time however we have some great destinations to discuss.

As you know we became a Community Interest Company (CIC) this year and so we wanted to spread C22’s brand of ‘jazz’ even further than Wycombe. This July in that vein we are going to be supplying those contemporary jazz vibes to Luton on the 23rd and then Chesham, on the 30th of July.

In Luton we teamed up with all round jazz lover and promotor, Paul Hammond to bring this new date to our slowly growing Catch22jams calendar. MLN Ensemble (our house band) and a bevy of some of our regular musicians will put on a performance at Wardown Park Bandstand. Dj on the day will be Mr Jazzy Vibes from Luton Urban Radio. It’s a FREE event so while I know Luton is not exactly near, would love to see you if you can make it.

A week later we take our energy to the beautiful venue, The Drawing Room with MLN Ensemble et al in Chesham. Over its twenty-one years, the venue has attracted some major acts so it’s awesome to bring Catch22jams to this venue.

Please don’t forget that we have the Catch22jams Membership deal. Go to the link and see what you get but there’s some great offers for all of you who continue to support us.

Lastly, we have had some great meetings over June. I won’t tell you all but Steph as our neurodiversity champion has made some great connects and some exciting news to come soon.

Ok, hope to see you at the end of this month.