by | Nov 3, 2022 | C22 Singers/Musicians

Our October jam was one of our best since we started C22 just under two years ago.

Ably organised with the ‘Steph contingency’ and the house band MLN Ensemble we had a heaving array of hugely talented artists.

Newbies on this occasion-Julian Woods who smashed it on guitar, Clive Newman who tore it up on bass and Theo Hayhurst whose off beat, syncopated riffs on drums were mesmerising.

Others who have blessed us before were-Tomi ‘the strangler’ who dropped some guitar on an intriguing mix of jazz and Greek traditional music. Lea with his nod to the legend that is Stevie Wonder celebrating 50 years since his fourteenth album Music Of My Mind (1972). Then Dan Myles who has been with us since we started-he is like royalty-“hail Sir Myles”.

Flitting between ‘jazz standards,’ jazz compositions of pop tracks and all in between, it is this eclectic jazz array putting us as regulars on the High Wycombe ‘night out scene’.

So next up is our November collaboration with Bucks Youth Jazz Collective. Look out for more info in the next newsletter (do subscribe) but in the meantime, get your tickets HERE.

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Lastly must say a thanks to Sabrina for her sterling images and vids from the night and of course The Front Room.